2021 Board Elections

Starlight Community Theater


from the bylaws: The President presides over all scheduled meetings of the Membership, as well as those of the Board of Directors. The President may also call and preside over Special Meetings of the General Membership, as well as the Board of Directors, as circumstances warrant. The President is responsible to provide an annual report to the membership


Statements from Candidates:

Cathy Merrill: I have spent the Year of Covid on the Board at Starlight and have grown even more aware of the situations that Starlight encounters on all sides, not just from an actor or patron’s perspective. I understand working with a group of diverse personalities. I understand pausing to look at the scope of the situation and how it effects all aspects and everyone involved. If elected President, I would like to find more ways to support our Artistic Director and Business Director. Both of these positions are responsible for so many aspects of running the theater and the supporting positions that are available to help ease the burden are not filled at this time. I would like to push forward with at least the first phase of our audio upgrade to help get our sound started on the right direction and replace the microphones that have been lost due to FCC regulations. I would also like to re-address the signage issue that we had been working on prior to the pandemic. Our visibility is an important issue.


Heather Riddle: I am on the Board of Directors and have formal education in theater management and production as well as experience in many aspects of live theater. As President, I would propose and facilitate improvement in; adoption of written Policies and Procedures, board-to-member transparency, marketing, facility improvements, talent diversity, community sponsors and partnerships, networking and collaborating with other community theaters and their leaders, and the reinstatement of our teen council.



from the bylaws: The Vice-President fulfills the functions of the President when the President is unavailable, and is first in succession to the Presidency. The duties of the Vice President shall include, but are not limited to: Taking nominations and furnishing instructions for voting according to the policies and procedures guide.


Statements from Candidates:

Abeth Spencer: I have been serving on the Starlight Board since 2019 and would like to grow into a leadership position. I believe strongly in Starlight's mission as an educational theater and I am so proud to be a part of a place that lets people explore new talents and abilities in a safe, supportive, and fun environment. As Vice-President, I would like to help grow and expand our volunteer base. We need a wide pool of people who can fill the supporting roles needed to make our theater run smoothly, in order to avoid burnout and give everyone a chance to contribute.




from the bylaws: The Secretary shall be responsible to keep and make available minutes of all General and Board Meetings . The Secretary will be responsible for the board meeting minutes and will sponsor facilities operations.


Statements from Candidates:

Samantha Hartwell: If elected to Secretary to Starlight's Board, I can bring some fresh insight to the table as someone with professional marketing experience across several industries and their brands. With this experience, I am incredibly organized and focus on the priorities needed for Starlight to reach its goals.



from the bylaws: The Members-At-Large shall be available to chair Committees or serve as Historian


*At-large members will only take positions on the board if vacancies on the current board develop due to the election of officers. Starting with the candidate with the most votes and working down, these candidates will fill any vacancies on the board until there are a total of 6 at-large members. If no vacancies occur, none of these candidates will take a position on the board.


Statements from Candidates:

Justin Cain: I have 3 children actively involved in the Starlight program and wish to offer my knowledge, talents, and ideas to help ensure Starlight’s continued success.


Craig Frooninckx: I’m running for an At-Large Board Member position having learned the need for community from the pandemic. I’m not one for being on the stage as I was the Tech behind the shows growing up. My fondness and love of the theater family has drawn me to give back using my organizational and out-of-box thinking to help Starlight thrive in the post-pandemic environment.