Family Spotlight- The Sivey Family

December 4, 2016

To celebrate the opening of Starlight’s newest show, Cheaper by the Dozen, we sat down with the Sivey family to showcase all the hard work they have dedicated to this phenomenal show.


Originally from Michigan, both Josh and Kim Sivey moved to Arizona 11 years ago with their 10 month- year old daughter Ada. A few years later, their son, Jay was born in Phoenix.   


For the last three months, Kim, Ada and Jay have put in countless hours and work into Cheaper by the Dozen. The Sivey’s and the cast have put together a show that all audiences will love this holiday season. 



Who do each of you play in Cheaper by the Dozen?


Kim: I play the mom, Lillian Gilbreth 


Jay: I play one the sons, Dan Gilbreth. 


Ada: I play one of the daughters, Jackie Gilbreth. 


What's your favorite thing about performing?


Kim: Well this is my first time performing ever! It's my challenge to always try something different and a little bit scary. I've always enjoyed watching theater and getting to see how it all gets put together. From the auditions to the final curtain call, all of it is just fascinating. There’s so much that goes into it.


Jay: I like getting to meet new people! The first time I tried performing, my mom asked me if I wanted to go to Summer Camp at Starlight and I was like “…Sure!" Both Ada and I did Frog and Toad - that was my first play ever. That's where Ada and I met our two best friends! 


Ada: Meeting new people is probably my favorite part too! Acting for friends is nice too. It’s also really nice when your family comes and sees you. 


What do you like to do when you're not performing? 


Kim: We home school. So we enjoy spending a lot of time together. The theater gives us the opportunity to get out, make friends, and meet new people. With the home schooling, I enjoy prepping for that. I also like to read a lot. In addition, Ada and I have gone and seen many theater productions. She's my theater buddy. We fell in love with theater from the audience, so to be a part of what is happening behind the scene is fascinating.


Jay:  I like to play video games and just relax and unwind by hanging out with my dad or going to the park. I also do gymnastics!  


Ada: I read a lot. I also swim on Fridays! 


What's your favorite thing about Starlight?


Kim: My favorite thing about Starlight is that they are so good with kids! When we first brought the kids here for auditions, it was so much fun for them! They played games and had them participating. The entire experience was geared towards learning theater and making it fun for everyone while building a sense of teamwork. 


Jay: My favorite thing about Starlight is the great experiences I’ve had. It feels like a family.


Ada: I love the experience and the friends you make. I love learning things like theater etiquette.


Is there anything else you'd like to say to our readers? 


Kim: If you've enjoyed watching theater in the past, Starlight is a great place to come and support your local theater. If there's even just a tiny bit of you that wishes you had gone out for theater in high school or just got involved with theater, I would say that Starlight is the perfect place to give it a try. It's so safe, friendly and supportive. They have such a great line up of shows this year and it's exciting to be a part of that. 


Ada: Make sure to come out and see Cheaper by the Dozen! 


Jay: It's kid and family-friendly! 



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