Actor Spotlight: Bob Lock

May 31, 2017

Though Starlight Community Theater is proud to work with talented and interesting artists all the time, we are thrilled to be once again working with Bob Lock. He is by far our actor with the longest commute as his primary residence is in Wilmington, North Carolina. Bob is currently starring in Starlight Community Theater’s original musical, The Santa Method, opening on June 1st and running through June 4th.

Q: When you aren’t here in the greater Phoenix area, performing with the Starlight Community Theatre, where and what are you doing?

A: I reside in Wilmington, North Carolina where I am the site manager for a historic mansion museum known as the Bellamy Mansion Museum of History and Design Arts. I am single with one daughter and four grandchildren.

Q: You’ve joined us from quite a long distance, what initially brought you to Starlight Community Theater?

A: My nephew Hayden Miller and the incredibly nice folks I encountered there while viewing his performances.

Q: What was your first production with Starlight Community Theatre?

A: I was convinced to audition for An Actor’s Life by Nena Rippenkroeger and my nephew, Haden.

Q: What can you tell us about The Santa Method?

A: Well, without trying to give anything away, the play involves a community theater in Rushville, Ohio who find themselves in a bit of a financial pinch. They turn to a former Broadway actor to help them turn that around. Things don’t end quite the way they planned though. The story is laced with plenty of twists and good ol’ holiday cheer.

Q: That sounds like a blast! What can you tell us about your character?

A: I play Edward Truitt, intellectual business man, conscientious consumer, theater board member and part time actor with the same theater.

Q: What is your favorite role you’ve ever played?

A: I believe, like any actor that truly enjoys their craft, that my favorite role is always the one I’m playing at the moment, or the last one if not currently involved with a production. This most certainly is true with both my current role, Edward Truitt, and my prior role of Lenny Sinclair. But if pressed for just one out of the many I have been in from the past, I would have to say Jerry from Edward Albee’s A Zoo Story. Not only for the intricate character but also the somewhat guerilla style of theatre that was the performance. We merely set up and performed on a park bench in an actual park.

Q: That sounds amazing! Are there any roles out there that are absolute dreams for you?

A: To be honest, every time I set foot on the boards I am living a dream. It’s true that there are no small parts in my opinion. I am a cancer survivor, having beaten stage 4 tumors on my tonsils. I was told I might not ever talk again, let alone sing, so I am extremely happy and proud to be able to do a bit of both. Having faced the possibility of a life shortened, I appreciate every opportunity to not only share my talents, but to absorb and take in the magnificence of others. So my dream role is any and every one that I succeed in obtaining.

Q: What a beautiful answer. Thank you for sharing that with us. Starlight Community Theatre helps people develop their own magnificent talent, and provides the opportunity to enjoy the talents of others. Why do you think it is important for people to become involved in creating, viewing or supporting community theatre?

A: Community theatre, by simple definition and name, involves both the community and theatre – both of which play an important part in the lives of a lot of people. It gives folks a chance to express their artistic side and get out and play with others who share the need as well. It creates a sense of family with every sho and brings together people who wouldn’t ordinarily be brought together with a shared purpose.

Q: How can youth benefit from community theatre offerings, like those found at Starlight Community Theatre?

A: It allows the young people to explore and create – to learn from others and discover their own inner talents. Funding for the arts is rapidly decreasing and a lot of schools now find the inability to keep their drama department afloat. Community theatre is able to pick up some of that loss and offer a safe haven for their creative minds.

Q: Great answer Bob. Starlight provides opportunities for adults, teens and children to participate in shows, and youth have opportunities this summer to engage in some amazing camps. Before we get to summer though, we have your upcoming performance in The Santa Method to look forward to. What is your favorite thing about this show?

A: I can’t limit it to a thing, but rather things. I love the challenge that comes with performing in a first run musical, the very well-written script and lyrics that Tom has provided for us to work with, and the wonderful cast and production crew how have welcomed me as family.

Q: It sounds like a really special piece of theatre. Why do you think audiences should come see it?

A: Because it includes Christmas, laughter and love as well as a few surprises. Whose life couldn’t use just a bit more of all of those?

You can catch Bob in The Santa Method starting on June 2nd. If you are interested in upcoming events, auditions, camps and classes, be sure to check out our website at 

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