The Starlight Stars Workshop Series – Fall 2018

Starlight Members - $10, Non-members - $20

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Audition Techniques for Adults (16+/Adults)
September 11, 7-9pm
Dan Ashlock - Presenter
Audition Techniques for Youth 
(ages 8 -15)
September 27, 6-8pm
Sandi Carll - Presenter
Selecting and Delivering Monologues
October 13, 1:30-4pm
Dan Ashlock - Presenter

Have you always wanted to audition but don’t know how?  Do auditions fill you with anxiety and dread?   Do you want to brush up on audition etiquette?  Come learn techniques to help improve your audition skills!  '


No supplies needed – but if you have a theater resume – bring it.  Wear comfortable clothes that allow movement.

Monster/Gory Make Up for Halloween (13+/Adults) – October 16, 6-8pm 
Leigh Ann Hager, presenter

Come join us for a fun evening!  Participants will learn techniques to create monsters and other gory make-up effects.  No experience necessary.  Registrants will be contacted with a list of make-up supplies needed for optimal participation.

Join us for this fun and dynamic workshop designed to help young actors be creative and confident at their next audition. This two-hour class offers an opportunity to get audition questions answered, provides advice on vocal and monologue selections and reveals the inside scoop on what youth directors are really looking for! Learn a few secret tricks of the trade that will help you get in on the act!             

Character Development (10+/Adults) 
October 23
Sandi Carll, presenter

This workshop provides a safe and supportive place for less experienced actors to explore ways of delivering multi-dimensional characters. Participants will be encouraged to practice physical and vocal expression and will be taught how to make bold acting choices with confidence. Actors will find ways to expand their creativity and get more out of their next on stage performance.

Don’t avoid auditions that require a monologue!  Register for this interactive workshop to explore various methods of selecting and delivering monologues. 


Participants should bring a copy of a 1-2 minute monologue to share with others.

Intro to Stage Combat – November 3, 1:30-4pm (12+/Adults)
Ric Alpers, presenter

A hands on demonstration of the 8 styles of stage combat recognized by The Society of American Fight Director, the rules of safety and why an actor should have these skills. 


Due to space, limited to 8 participants 12 and older.


Ric Alpers who has been recognized by the Society as an Actor/Combatant in all 8 styles.

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