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Captain Fantastic

Directed by Kelly Swope

Sunday, June 4, 2024

We will be casting one Teen Cast (12-19).


Pity poor Waldo Puppybreath! In the spirit of fearless journalism, he has written an editorial for the school paper suggesting that the proposed site for a new high school building is actually a swamp! The land speculator is not amused. The high school bully, a dead ringer for the Godfather, is muscling in on the Prom Queen Contest. And the biology teacher is demanding Waldo's resignation from the paper because it's interfering with his studies of the anatomy of a cat. In such trying times, Waldo draws strength from his comic book Wonder Heroes. So, when knocked out in a fight with the school Godfather, he enters a twilight world where all the characters of Act One are transformed into the colorful and totally unbelievable characters of Waldo's beloved comic books.  This is a fast-paced comic book farce with a zany romance, some rip-roaring chases, slapstick action and of course good triumphing over evil!


Auditions will be held in person at Starlight Community Theater.  

AUDITION TIMES There is only one timeslot for auditions and auditioners are expected to stay for the whole time.  The audition will consist of performing monologues and cold reads from the script.

VIDEO SUBMISSION This option exists for actors who have a conflict for June 4.  

Actors should prepare a video submission of a comedic monologue as directed above.  The deadline to submit a video is 11:00 pm on Wednesday, May 31. Submissions after this date will not be considered. 
Please fill out an audition form online at:
Please send your theater resume & headshot (optional) to


CALLBACKS- At this time, we are NOT anticipating any callbacks.

PERFORMANCES and most rehearsals will be in person at Starlight Community Theater, 1611 W. Whispering Wind Dr. Suite #9, Phoenix, AZ 85085.  COVID immunization recommended for all members of the production.  COVID safety precautions will be adhered to during all rehearsals and performances appropriate from the guidance of our health officials. A maximum rehearsal schedule can be found on the Starlight webpage calendar (  Some rehearsals may be held on Zoom.  Performances are August 11-20.

PRODUCTION FEE - The cast must pay $150 production fee to participate.

THE CHARACTERS:   Performers of all ages (12-19), ethnicities, physical abilities, body type and gender identities are encouraged to audition! All ages are “stage ages” and pliable.

  • PENELOPE MAYBERRY - in love with Waldo Puppybreath

  • AGNES GRIDDLE - girl sports editor, also plays "Girl Marvel"

  • BRADFORD - out to sabbotage Waldo, also plays "Ink Blot"

  • ABBY - prom queen contestant

  • BONNIE - student who also plays Electra Woman"

  • WALDO PUPPYBREATH - editor of the school paper, a comic book fan, also plays "Captain Fantastic"

  • REGINA - another prom queen contestant

  • MS. CLINGER - biology teacher, also plays "Panther Lady"

  • MR. BIP - unscrupulous land owner, also plays "Swamp Creature"

  • CONROY - school handyman, also plays "Buckethead"

  • YVONNE - another prom queen contestant

  • RATSO FINKLE - a junior version of "The Godfather," also plays "Rat Man"

  • BRUNO - Finkle's henchman, also a "Rat Fink"

  • OLGA - Finkle's henchwoman, also a "Rat Fink"

  • VERONICA VAN DAZZLE - another prom queen contestant

  • MRS. MAYBERRY - Penelope's mother

  • MRS. POTTER - school principal

  • MCGILLICUTTY - athletic coach, also plays "Officer McGillicutty"

  • SCHOOL NURSE - befriends Waldo

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