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Shooting Stars

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Welcome to Starlight’s Shooting Stars! This monthly donation program allows you to choose an amount to be donated each month, enjoy perks, and help Starlight Community Theater continue its quality program year-round!

Starlight Community Theater is a nonprofit, 501c3 community theatre that relies on donations and support from our community so that we may continue quality programs for actors of all ages.  For the past 15 years, Starlight has created a space where actors, directors, and tech crew can learn, grow, and create live performing arts to not only entertain but enrich their community and themselves.  Being a part of performing arts has been proven to increase mental and social impact, increase grades in school, and create a more balanced, accepting, and nurturing community of people.

Many people do not know the costs behind producing a live theater production.  Every show produced has
costs incurred to present high-quality performances and entertainment.  Examples of these costs include:

Royalties, Music, Licensing & Scripts: $800 - $1,500

Stipends: $200 - $3,000
Props & Costumes: $200 - $1,200
Programs & Promotional Costs: $200 - $1,000
Set Design & Build: $100 - $1,000


General Annual Operating Costs of the theater can include:

Rent & Utilities: $50,000
Insurance: $1,500
Misc. Operating Expenses: $22,000

 Your generous monthly donation will help us with these costs in so that we can provide opportunities for so many children and adults to be a part of Starlight!  Please look over the Membership Levels we offer and join us today!

Membership Levels

All levels receive mention in our Starlight show programs and on our website!  


Level Monthly Donation Annual Benefits: 

“Understudy” $10/month

a limited-edition Starlight mask

“Ingénue” $25/month 

Starlight mask & t-shirt

“Actor” $50/month

Starlight mask, t-shirt,  water bottle

“Thespian” $100/month

Starlight mask, t-shirt, water bottle, 5% off classes

“Star” $250/month

Starlight mask, t-shirt, water bottle,   10% off classes

Become a Star!

Thanks for your support!

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