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2024 Board Elections

Starlight Community Theater

Starlight Community Theater is holding an election via email for its membership from June 24-30, 2023. We will be voting on at-large members. Ballots were sent to Starlight Members starting on June 24th, and must be completed by 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, June 30th.

A member is someone who meets one of the following three criteria:

1. A person over the age of 18 who was a cast or crew member for a show in the most recent Starlight season (2022-2023). 

2. The parent or guardian of a minor (under the age of 18) cast or crew member for a show in the most recent Starlight season (2022-2023).

3. A person over the age of 18 who made a designated donation to Starlight in the last fiscal year (July 2022-June 2023). 

If you did not receive a ballot and feel this was in error, please email Abeth Spencer ( so we can correct our mistake.

Board Member duties include:

  • participating in monthly board meetings

  • helping with big-picture planning, like fundraising or marketing

  • filling in board coverage for all shows

  • Producing or co-producing a show during our season. This includes collecting bios for programs, making sure concessions are stocked, tracking production fees, and other duties that relate to running the theater (as opposed to duties that are tied to the specific show).


Lorenzo Escudero: I think I would be a great addition to the board at Starlight because I have lots of experience with management in my professional life which can help when running events. I also have experience hosting a variety of events and even creating and leading events that I think I could even be a great asset to help and design fundraiser ideas. I am an active member of the community, trying my best to see every show, audition for ones I may fit and help on the production team where opportunities arise. I love this community and am very passionate about joining the board and becoming an even stronger asset to Starlight. Thank you for this opportunity.

Javier Bravo: I have had the privilege of coming to know the community at Starlight Community Theater through participation as a spectator when my child, Ghost Bravo, participated in shows and through my own participation in Young Frankenstein and as stage manager for She Loves Me and for Camelot/Camelittle

I have been in education over 15 years and I have also been in school administration as a principal in both the private and public sector. I have worked hands-on in marketing for enrollment and in seeking out donations to assist students who were paying tuition in private schools. In the public sector, I am currently working with my employer to vamp up our tax credit initiative to obtain the maximum amount of funds for the students at the school I am privileged to serve. I would love to place my experience in educational marketing and development at the service of the amazing community at Starlight Community Theater. I strongly believe that theater and the opportunities that Starlight Community Theater provides the youth and adults in the community are essential to the community. 

My goal in joining the board is to work with the current and any new members to capitalize on efforts currently in place to obtain more sponsors like Desert Financial, to increase our presence in the community the theater is located in (taking into consideration that there is a move in the future), and the efforts needed to secure a new location for the theater. 

I am grateful for the role Starlight Community Theater has played in the life of my child and the confidence it has developed in him and I welcome the opportunity to be a part of the leadership team of the theater community that has done this not only for my child but for other youth and adults as well. 

JC Kovac: Over the several years my family and I have been an active part of the Starlight community through participating in shows, production teams and volunteering our time.  For the last two years I have spent time on the Starlight Board helping with building and maintaining a strong community, which is vitally important to theaters like ours. I would love to continue bringing my experience and knowledge to assist Starlight as we navigate a new building and new programs for our community. 

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