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Based on the 2003 film of the same name, written by Mike White, the musical follows Dewey Finn, an out-of-work rock singer and guitarist who pretends to be a substitute teacher at a prestigious prep school. After identifying the musical talent in his students, Dewey forms a band of fifth-graders, in an attempt to win the upcoming Battle of the Bands contest.


Dewey: Bear Golden
Rosalie: Quinlyn Ashlock
Ned: Paul Hartwell
Patty: Marisa Tualla

Summer: Savannah Farr
Zack: Ghost Bravo
Tomika: Mysia Covington Smith
Lawrence: Joey Garcia
Katie: Haizy Kovac
Freddie: Shane Macris
Marcy: Sienna Stoll
Shonelle: Izzy Herndon
Mason:Sage Durfield 
Billy: Charlie Pettee
Jamie: Valerie Winch
Sophie: Della Beougher
Madison: Chloe Griffith-Bloch

No Vacancy:
Mars Rosendahl
Sophie Bell
Kiki Massey

Morgan Massey

Adult Ensemble:
Sharesa Uher
Anna Kerr
Annie Rosendahl
Renee Ashlock

Emma Jarvis

Taylor Gowin

Matthew Eads

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