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2021-2022 Season

Live Mainstage Shows

COVID-19: All productions at Starlight will continue to follow current recommended health and safety precautions. These precautions may vary from show to show, and we will keep our artists and audience members informed. Currently, masks are required in the audience for all events at Starlight.

footloose square.jpg

August 6-22, 2021

pinocchio jr square ADJUSTED.jpg

January 14-23, 2022

cuckoo's nest square.jpg

September 10-19, 2021

new much ado square.png

February 18-27, 2022

new spongebob square.jpg

December 3-19, 2021

godspell square.jpg

April 1-10,

death square 2.jpg

April 29-May 7, 2022

mermaid square.jpg

June 3-19,


Our 2021-2022 season is sponsored by our friends at Angry Crab Shack (2501 W. Happy Valley). Stop by and tell them thanks!

Virtual Shows and Other Events

Starlight is pleased to offer new and exciting works via Zoom and other online platforms. We also fill our time between shows with special events and unique theatrical experiences. Keep up to date on all of our offerings via Facebook.


October 22-23, 2021

A virtual show for youth actors, presented via Zoom. 

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