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Spunky, young Ruth dreams of being a Knight of the Round Table. But King Arthur, Guinevere, Lancelot and her other heroes laugh at her when she demonstrates her valor in a battle with a melodramatic lizard pretending to be a dragon. Humiliated, Ruth sets off to form her own queendom that is bigger and better than Camelot, bringing with her the lizard and a mule that she claims is a unicorn. Soon they are joined by a frog, whom Ruth declares to be an ogre; a skunk, whom she pronounces a wizard (because the skunk makes everyone disappear); and two kids, whom she dubs her bravest knights. On their quest, they meet the enchanting Lady of the Lake, a bumbling Merlin, riddle-loving trolls, a vain unicorn and the evil sorcerers Morgana le Fay and Mordred, who have their own plan to outdo King Arthur.


RUTH    Avaani Lallian
KING ARTHUR    Greyson McClurg
LIZARD    Joey Garcia
MULE    Vivian Luke
SKUNK    Katie Rosendahl
FROG    Emma McClurg
COW    Ellie Takawaki

SIR GAWAIN    Rabir Lillian
SIR KAY    Celeste Spencer
SIR BEDIVERE    Emma McClurg
SIR PERCEVAL    Cora Hancock
QUEEN GENEVIEVE    Sasha Nikitin
LADY BRANGWAIN    Grace Langford
LADY DINDRANE    Lottie Spencer
MERLIN    Ellie Takawaki
MORDRED    Valorie Nelson
MORGANA LE FAY    Kamden Hooper
SPARROW    Greyson McClurg
KIPP    Celeste Spencer
AVICE    Lottie Spencer
LADY OF THE LAKE    Grace Langford
UNICORN    Cora Hancock
MUBBLEFUBBLES    Katelynn Blatecky
HORNSWOGGLES    Delaney Flowers
MULLIGRUBS    Morgan Takawaki
BUMFUZZLES    Marlene Thompson-Schuett

TROLLS    Rabir Lallian, Emma McClurg, Greyson McClurg
WATER SPRITES    Katelynn Blatecky, Delaney Flowers, Morgan Takawaki, Marlene Thompson-Schuett

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