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2023-2024 Season

Mainstage Shows

fantastic square.jpg

August 11-20, 2023

a teen play

loves square.jpg

December 1-17, 2023

a teen/adult double cast musical


September 8-17, 2023

a youth musical

13 square.jpg

January 12-21, 2024

a young teen musical

mail (1).jpg

October 13-28, 2023

an adult musical

March 1-10,

a youth play

camelittle square.jpg
orient square.jpg

April 5-14,

an adult play

prom square .jpg

June 7-23,

a teen/adult musical

Special Events

These shows have a shorter run and feature very small adult casts with minimal or no sets. Watch our Facebook page for other special events throughout the year!

timing square.jpg

November 10-12, 2023

an adult comedy

_last five square.jpg

February 2-4,

an adult musical

bench square copy.jpg

April 26-28,

an adult comedy

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