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It's 1948, it's the dead of winter, and it's time for "Loving Lives," a radio soap opera on its last legs. A pompous romantic lead, an incapacitated announcer, an obnoxious kazoo-tooting child star, and multiple off-the-air seductions all contribute to the hilarious demise of the radio show.

Adult Cast Directed by Barbara Dalmazzo

Teen Cast Directed by Nicole Thompson


John: William Buckley

Mac: Scott Sims

Abigail: Veronica Joy Harris

Walter: Tony Spencer

Rosie: Karly Way Schauwecker

Jack: Cody Bro

Bibsy: Cindy Covington

Donna: Riley Andrews

Trixie: Ivy Kanani

Blanche: Anna Badley

Denise: Sherry Humphries

Phillis: Kiki Hooper

Mr. Shipley: Kwame Smith


John: Shane Macris

May: Meredith Arends

Abigail: Maya McElhaney

Walter: Markus Rosendahl

Rosie: Avery Ryberg

Jack: Ghost Bravo

Bibsy: Kate Donick

Donna: Juni Champion

Trixie: Sophia Konopka

Blanche/Denise: Della Beougher

Phillis: Kiki Hooper

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